Béla Brandes



I offer sounddesign for media productions. My main focus is Avid Pro Tools based sound editing for film & video. I am experienced with projects also in game sounddesign and museum audioguides. My postproductions include individual field & foley recordings and a wide range of archive soundeffects.

My Edit-Suite workspace is based in the heart of hamburg. Depending on the extent of the project i'm collaborating with colleagues, postproduction facilities and external recording studios.

Please get in touch with me for further information.


Pro Tools Ultimate (up-to-date license), Izotope Postproduction Suite 4, Absentia DX, UAD-2 Satellite, Waves Platinum, Nugen Halo Upmix, Pro Tools Dock, 5.1. Edit Suite (FLAX Akustik)

Audient Asp 510, 49"TV Monitor, Field Recording Gear, Aja T-tap, Apple 12-Core Mac Pro


belabrandes (at) gmail.com

Tel: +49 176 47 00 62 98


I use gear from brands such as:

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